Easter Lotto’s Different Prizes

Offering an egg-stra special €15 Million jackpot, the Easter Lotto also has various other exciting prizes that could make this Easter even more unforgettable.

The Easter Lotto prizes are quite worth a shot considering it’ll only cost you €1.50 per line - if you compare it to the rest of the lotteries available online. Check out the Easter-ific prizes down below:

Easter Lotto Prizes
Tier Prize Odds
Match 6 + Joker BallMatch 6 + Joker Ball €15 million (Jackpot) 1 in 79,453,500
Match 5 + Joker BallMatch 5 + Joker Ball €10,000 1 in 300,960
Match 4 + Joker BallMatch 4 + Joker Ball €100 1 in 5,599
Match 3 NumbersMatch 3 Numbers €5 1 in 75

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Easter Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
Time left to participate:

The Easter Lotto’s prizes are fixed, therefore you will always know what you’re trying your luck on. Secondary prizes aren't split either. Therefore if a hundred people scored the 3rd prize, they will each win €100.

As soon as your entries are inputted and purchased, you don't need to worry about losing your entries as they will be securely stored in your account. Should you win a prize, you'll be automatically sent an email to inform you that you've won after which you’ll receive your prize in your account after the draw has happened.

Learn more about claiming Easter Lotto prizes on the How to Play Page.

How the Easter Lotto Jackpot Compares to Other Lotteries

TBelow you shall see how the one-time-only Easter Lotto's jackpot compares to some of the most-sought after lotteries. You’ll be able to see the average jackpot amounts advertised for each lottery throughout 2020 to date to portray how they each compare:

Easter Lotto compared to other lotteries
Lottery Average Jackpot Amount
Easter Lotto €15 million
Spanish 'La Primitiva' €12.81 million
UK Lotto £6.65 million
French Lotto €6.04 million
Irish Lotto €4.81 million