Currency Conversions for Easter Lotto Prizes

The Easter Lotto is an online exclusive lottery which means that players are provided with the opportunity to play it from different countries. This means that there are various currencies to be considered.

Down below you will find each prize’s currency, based on the Euro amounts in which the Easter Lotto is assembled upon.

Easter Lotto Currency Payouts
  Prize in Euro (€) Prize in GBP (£) Prize in Rupee (₹) Prize in USD ($)
Match 6 + Joker Ball €15,000,000 £13,300,000 ₹1,300,000,000 $18,000,000
Match 5 + Joker Ball €10,000 £8,888 ₹888,000 $12,000
Match 4 + Joker Ball €100 £88 ₹8,880 $120
Match 3 main numbers €5 £4.50 ₹444 $6
Price per Entry €1.50 £1.50 ₹135 $1.80

Side note, should you win the fourth prize by matching with the 3 main numbers, you’ll get three-times your stake in return as you’d win €5.
For more information, check out our Prizes page which has all the details in regards to winnings payout, odds and more.